Nickel-chromium alloy
Iron chromium alloy
Flat belt、DianLuTiao、The other
Manganese bronze、Lala、Copper and nickel

High resistance alloy heating wire The company factory called danyang fuqiang electrical accessories factory,In1992Years was registered,In2012Register for danyang fuqiang electrical appliances co., LTD。Company is located in the jiangsu danyang fangxian town of jiangnan,The total area of the plant15000Square meters。

My company is the production of various high resistance electric thermal bonding wire、Sling and precision alloy professional enterprise,From smelting to finish machining to finished products of complete sets of production lines,To ensure the high quality of the products。...

The core concept:Create perfect,Serve the society
Enterprise style:Standard、Specification、Rigorous
Brand concept: Constant quality、Moulds of science and technology
Team consciousness:Together hand in hand,Unity is strength
Development goals:Counterparts in outstanding enterprises
The spirit of enterprise: The struggles、The good faith、Interaction、Innovation
Enterprise style: Often、The solid、 Yan、Prospective、Fast、In spirit
Talent concept: People-oriented、Of men
Management concepts: About the quality、About efficiency、Stress efficiency
Business philosophy:Pragmatic hard-working,Don't show off
Market principles:Create the market,Guide the market
Development philosophy:Environmental protection science and technology,The company in one hundred
Service commitments:Once the choice,Worry
Danyang fuqiang electrical appliances co., LTD
The ground The address:Jiangsu danyang
Contacts:Hai-ping zhou
Hand Machine:13506100512
The electricity Words:0511-86418784
Pass The true:0511- 86410256
High resistance alloy heating wireHigh resistance alloy heating wireHigh resistance alloy heating wireHigh resistance alloy heating wire
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